9 Things You Should Know Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

4. Talk about the future you want for your relationship.

If you’re going to move in with someone, realize it’s at least a 1-2 year commitment. Some leases will be for only 1 year and others for 2, but when you sign that lease, you’re committed – unless, of course, it ends badly and one of you moves out. But, if you’re looking to stay in it for the long haul, it’s important to discuss what each of you wants for the future. Now, if you’re only dating for a short amount of time – this may be uncomfortable for you to talk about the possibility of marriage, etc. But, maybe that means it’s too soon for you two to be moving in together, too. If you want to get married and your partner doesn’t, but you’re living together and building a life together, it could be uncomfortable and awkward for you to come to this realization. You’ll begin to feel trapped and feel as though you’ve made the wrong decision by moving in with them. Think long and hard about what you want and make sure it’s a solid conversation before you take that step.

5. Set boundaries for each other.

Every relationship is different and everyone likes and is comfortable with different things. But, when you live with someone – it seems as though comfort and “boundaries” may go out the window, especially if it’s a small apartment. You two are going to be together every waking moment you are home, so it’s important to set some boundaries for each other. If not, you’ll be at each other’s throats all of the time. Maybe when your partner comes home, they need an hour or two to themselves to unwind and just relax without you jumping on them as soon as they get in. Maybe you need more time in the bathroom in the mornings than they do. Whatever the issue may be, discuss what makes it work for you both before it turns into a bigger issue when you move in together and all you do is fight.

6. Pay close attention how they treat their “stuff” and home.

If you spend a lot of time at your significant other’s apartment before you decide to move in together, pay close attention to how they are in their own home. Do they clean up after themselves? Do they treat their furniture and appliances well? Do they take out the garbage, do the dishes, dust? These things may not seem to matter to you because it’s not your own home, but once it is – it’ll matter. If you’re with someone who throws their sh*t everywhere and doesn’t care to clean up after themselves, it can change your desire to want to live with them. You are no body’s mother and don’t want to have to work all day to come home and pick up after someone else. You’ll end up blowing up on them.