9 Truths All People Fed Up With Modern Dating Need To Hear

6. Dating apps don’t have to define modern dating.

Tinder is a good place to find a hookup and/or get sexually and verbally abused. If that’s not what you’re looking to do, then get off Tinder. It’s really this simple!!! If you’re on the hunt for a relationship and dating apps haven’t been working for you, get off dating apps!!! Time to try something new. Which leads me to my next point…

7. Try something new, just for you

Do you remember what it was like the last time you were in a relationship? You had to do shit you didn’t want to do. It’s easy to forget the boring and awful and sad parts of a partnership when you’re Candy Crushing in bed and you haven’t showered all day and there’s an old carton of chicken Lo Mein on your bedside table and you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

You. Are. Free. It’s wonderful. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Take a pottery class. Try Zumba. Figure yourself out and you’ll meet some fine folks along the way, folks who hang out and do real things that aren’t drinking at the bar.

8. People have always sucked.

It’s true. It was just less noticeable because it wasn’t at a rate of 60 dudes (or chicks!) swiped within 60 seconds. But people have always been wonderful, too. Don’t fret. Dating didn’t just become this awful difficult thing. It was a shitshow before Tinder and Bumble and Instagram, too. Have you seen Sex and the City?

9. Being fed up is a good thing.

Here’s what I mean: If you’re fed up, it means you have no more patience for scrubs, losers, abusers. You know what you don’t want out of a relationship and you know the things you absolutely do. You know your boundaries. You will not settle. All of this is setting you up to be an appreciative, caring partner.

So stay fed up. But at the same time, open yourself up to this big beautiful world. Good things will happen.