16 Emoji You’ve Been Using Completely Wrong

If you live in this era, there’s no denying that you’ve used emojis at least a hundred dozen times in text messages and conversations on your phone or social media. While emojis have become our second language and the perfect way to express how we’re feeling without having to type out any particular words. But, as new emojis come out – we slowly see that we’ve been using some of the original emojis completely wrong. That’s right – your beloved emojis are not all you think they are – at all. Unicode, the company that created our precious emojis, have debunked the chaos and explained that there are quite a few emojis that are commonly used incorrectly.

1. The “Thinking Guy” who is not actually thinking:

The majority of people believe this emoji is a person in deep thought or coming up with a great idea. In fact, it’s neither. Instead, this emoji is bowing in apology to a person they have offended.

2. The high-five hands are not high-fiving:

People use this emoji as a way to signify a “high-five” or “good job” answer to someone – but, if you look closely, those are two hands that belong to the same person. The hands are actually praying – not giving high fives.

3. Not a crying face – actually:

A lot of people use this emoji as a way to show that they’re upset or crying – but, it’s not a crying emoji at all. Instead, this emoji represents someone who is relieved about something and the drop is not a tear drop – but a sweat drop instead.

4. Not the devil: