16 Emoji You’ve Been Using Completely Wrong

Women often get confused when they used this emoji – thinking it’s a woman getting her hair done. But, instead, it’s a woman getting a massage.

9. Not whistling, but kissing:

Some people think that this emoji is a “whistling” face because there’s no heart to signify a “kiss,” but, in fact, it is just another kissing face.

10. Not surprised, but asking for quiet:

This emoji is not a shocked or surprised face – which is a huge mistake. In fact, it’s a “hush face.” Think of the librarian telling you to “hush up,” or even a teacher you’ve had.

11. Hungry, hungry emojis:

This emoji is not sticking its tongue out to be cute or quirky, but instead, is licking its lips in anticipation for a savory and delicious meal.

12. Not a sassy b*tch – just a woman:

Probably the most disappointing of them all – this woman is not sticking her hand out in a “matter of fact” way to be sassy, but instead, is just a woman who works at an information and help center, looking to help people out. How unfair.