16 Emoji You’ve Been Using Completely Wrong

People often use this emoji to represent the devil or even a mask for Halloween – but, in reality, it’s a Japanese symbol for an ogre that is extremely popular in Japan.

5. Not dead, still alive, guys:

People are often times confused by the X’s as eyes on this emoji – thinking it’s someone who has died. But, in reality, the X’s are just to dramatize the “shock” or “surprise” the emoji is feeling.

6. Not praying hands:

So many people think that these hands are supposed to mean “Praise Jesus,” or “Thank God,” but, they have nothing to do with thanking anyone or praising the lord. In fact, they are just regular ol’ hands in the air celebrating.

7. Not a cringe-y face:

People always use this smiling emoji as an awkward/cringing smile – but in reality, it’s supposed to be someone who is so overjoyed they are smiling extra large.

8. This is not a hair salon emoji: