69 New Emojis Are Coming Out & Some Of Them Are Lit AF


Every once in a while, Unicode Consortium updates some of our most used asset on our devices – emojis – and brings us some brand new wonderfulness.

Recently, the company announced they would be adding some new gems to our already over-used replacement for language. And, some of them are pretty awesome. There will be 69 (hold for giggles) new emojis added to the hundreds we already have on our phones, but, the news one are most necessary.

Here’s some of our favorites from the new pack:

1. Cursing everyone out, without actually cursing them out. 

2. Giving mommies a whole new voice. 

3. Everyone loves zombies. 

4. A little zen, b*tch. 

5. Because, yes. 

5. Now guys can ask their girlfriends to “go make them a sandwich” via emoji.

6. Always.

You can see all 69 new emojis here:



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