Congratulations Gingers, Redhead Emojis Are Coming To iPhone…Finally

For some reason, redheads get a bad rep in society. I really don’t know where it started or how it came to be – but, I’m not about the anti-ginger movement. In fact, I know a lot of gingers who are great people (Whatsup Christine!!).

Of course, when emojis first came onto the scene for the iPhone and other devices, gingers were left in the dust. But, so were a lot of other groups of individuals – until, Unicode Technical Committee – the company that owns the emojis for the iPhone – finally smartened up and included everyone in their last couple of updates.

Except – still no ginger emojis.


What about my Ed Sheerans and my Ron Weasleys of the world? Why are we so anti-ginger? What’s going on with the segregation of gingers and WTF is wrong with Apple that they have neglected my favorite carrot tops for so long?!?

Don’t worry guys – they have heard your complaints and finally answered your prayers – Ginger emojis are coming to the iPhone June 2018 (sorry, you have to wait even longer). But, on the bright side – you can be any ginger you please.

Look at that – equality at last! Twitter of course, was hyped AF.