Newspaper Tries To Translate ‘Sex Emojis’ And It’s Hilariously Cringe-Worthy

For some reason, adults are always trying to “debunk” the art of conversation with us young “kids.” Remember when parents used to try to figure out what BRB, LOL, and LMFAO meant when we were all using AOL Instant Messanger?

Forget ASL on chatrooms–it’s been a hobby of adults since texting and the Internet came into our lives. So, it’s no wonder adults are trying to figure out what “emojis” really mean, in our world. Just last week my mom called me in the middle of the day asking me what an “eggplant emoji” means (to which my first response was ‘WHO SENT YOU AN EGGPLANT EMOJI?!?’).

If you aren’t aware of what emojis can mean (besides their actual meaning), you may find this clip from a “The Times of India” useful. For many of us, it’s absolutely hilarious to see some of the translations (who uses a boxing glove to represent a condom?)

Some of these are spot-on. For example, everyone uses the eggplant emoji as–well, not a vegetable. The peach has long been the emoji to implement for “booty.” And, if you’ve ever used Twitter, you’d know that those raindrops aren’t raindrops. As for everything else…I’m confused. Some people found the translations a bit confusing, too.

I guess it’s better for adults to understand emojis in some form because, if not, they’ll end up like this.