27 Of The Dumbest Rules Made By Crazy Parents

21. From user decisionsandrevision:

I had a camper whose mom informed me that their child was to have no gluten, caffine, sugar, or peanut products. No problem, we have kids with crazy allergies all the time.

Then I found out the kid had zero allergies and the mom just wanted her to eat that way. It’s a 6 day camp, let your kid eat a smore.

I had another parent who insisted his kid be covered head to toe in sun protective clothing all day every day.

22. From user Chasingthesnitch:

My cousin’s second husband’s grandkids weren’t allowed to watch anything other than Veggie Tales (cause they were good Christian folk). I wasn’t aware of this and at a Christmas party when I was 10 or 11 put on Lord of the Rings and they wandered in.

When their mom found them watching it, you would’ve thought I was showing them how to worship Satan with the amount of fuss she made. Wonder how good a Christians they became when their grandpa ran off with two lesbians because “God told him to save them…”

23. From user JaneHSV:

I went to school with a girl who wasn’t allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities at school whatsoever. After years of begging, her parents finally caved and let her play basketball.

One night, after a game, no one picked her up. The coach was required to wait until all the students had been picked up before she could leave. Finally, after waiting for over three hours, the coach drove her home. When she arrived, the parents rushed out of their house, threatening to sue to coach for having a student in her car. It was weird.

Needless to say the girl moved far, far away as soon as she turned 18.

24. From user Heavy_In_Your_Arms:

My cousin was not allowed to drink water half an hour before and after dinner. She was also not allowed to drink water while eating dinner.

The reason for this: it would slow down digestion and cause stomach/colon cancer. What?

25. From user TannerTwaggs:

Lady I knew wouldn’t let her 5 year old use a spoon Because she thought he would swollow it?? But a fork was perfectly fine…. I’m still confused about this