27 Of The Dumbest Rules Made By Crazy Parents

16. From user niconicobeatch:

Owning a dog. Sadly, islam forbids dogs. ūüôĀ

17. From user Wafflecakeandbacon:

My mother didn’t let me walk to the bus stop alone until I was in my senior year of high school.

18. From user BigMacFly:

I knew this mom who would put a diaper on her kid and have him shit his pants rather than use a public toilet.

19. From user Agaeris:

There was a family we knew growing up where “Batman” was a bad word. Never understood that one.

20. From user KingofSnipers:

“Not allowed to watch Lilo and Stitch because it goes against their beliefs”

Motherfucker you’re watching a fucking movie about two characters being awesome to each other and showing that love and family can outreach even the most outside sources.

Get the fuck off of your soapbox.