27 Of The Dumbest Rules Made By Crazy Parents

11. From user TwoWayDrive:

Sleep alone…

They’re worried that they will get separation anxiety if they put them to bed alone at night, so the parents sleep with their two kids every night. The kids are a little older now – one 4 and one 6 – so now the parents are each sleeping with one kid in separate beds. As some constructive criticism, I asked if maybe on the flip side the kids will be dependent on their parents sleeping with them when they’re say 12 or 13 years old?? They didn’t want to hear it.

In my opinion, this is bad for the kids and bad for marriage.

Also, I can’t imagine when/where they have sex? I won’t ask about that part.

12. From user TastesLikeNature:

I was only allowed to have 30 minutes of Internet time per week until grade 7 or 8.

13. From user Commander_Shephard_:

When I was a kid, there was this boy named Matt at our school, and his mother was an over the top Christian. He was never allowed to watch any movies, ever, and most of the lesson plans were vetted extensively by his mother. Frankly, I’m surprised he wasn’t home-schooled. The one thing that I remembered was that he was not allowed to check out a book from the library unless he called his mother, who apparently called some number to see if the book was not acceptable. So he had to put books on reserve and leave a voice message with his mother and pick the books up on Friday, IF he was allowed to take them home.

14. From user VictorBlimpmuscle:

I had extremely religious neighbors in middle school who were part of the car pool that took all the kids in the neighborhood to school – one morning I got in their car, and was promptly asked by the mom to remove my jean jacket because it had a newly sewn-on Led Zeppelin patch on it, and their children were not allowed to “be around devil music”. Mind you I wasn’t playing any music, and the patch was just the band’s logo (how they even knew who Led Zeppelin was is beyond me), but that was enough to qualify for possibly polluting their perfect little brood’s delicate sensibilities. It was like living next to a real-life Flanders family.

15. From user RunDNA:

I wasn’t allowed to play Dungeons & Dragons. Apparently it was Satanic.