27 Of The Dumbest Rules Made By Crazy Parents

6. From user solomonsalinger:

Not being allowed to go into Hot Topic, because I’d be possessed by the demons in there.
Not being able to walk the two blocks to school, because I could be raped (lived in suburban Connecticut). The pervasive fear of the possibility of rape was constantly drilled into my mind, long before I even knew what sex was.

Not being able to chew gum with sugar. One time, my summer camp had a bubble gum blowing competition and my mother lost her SHIT. It was linked to my mother’s belief that we were extremely ill, a belief that got her a lot of sympathy from other folks.

Not being able to have friends sleep over, in case they claimed they were sexually abused (my mother actually told this to my friend’s parents).

Just some snapshots from my crazy childhood before I went into foster care, where I couldn’t even attend extracurricular activities at school because of “legal liabilities”. I went on to fight to make life more normal for foster kids, even spoke at the White House and before Congress. And am recovering from all that crazy shit.

7. From user H4shc4t:

Not allowed in a car with anyone who isn’t family. To clarify I asked her if her family could possibly give me a ride home from school since my house was the way for them and she was getting a ride home. They said no, because they don’t want anyone whose not family in the car. Then she was stuck and I offered her a ride, she said she’d ask her parents. She called and they said no because I’m not family.

8. From user watrm3l0n:

A fifth grader wasn’t allowed to watch WALL-E because their parents didn’t believe in global warming.

9. From user ReverseGusty:

My SO’s son wasn’t allowed to eat Snickers bars until the age of about 11 because of nuts. He isn’t allergic to nuts she just didn’t want him to eat them because he might choke. His Mother has a lot of rules but this is the one I remember most.

10. From user Irarhet:

My sister is a helicopter parent who says her children can’t watch Spongebob because it “challenges the sanctity of gender roles.”