Jon Snow And Daenerys Have Been Goofing Off On Set And It’s The Best

Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers below!

This year on Game of Thrones finally brought the two biggest characters who hadn’t met yet together. Jon Snow pulled up on the beaches of Dragonstone to say hi to the Dragon Queen herself; Daenerys Targaryen. And also to like, beg her to use her dragons against the horde of zombies slowly making their way south.

It was a meeting for the ages. We laughed, we cried, we got a little aroused and then remembered that they’re actually aunt and nephew, and felt weird. The point is, it’s been fascinating to watch these two fan-favorite characters interact.

What’s even more fun though, is learning that Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington — the actors who play Daenerys and Jon respectively — have apparently spent their time on set goofing off between takes.

Thanks largely to Emilia Clarke’s Instagram, we get to see all the shenanigans that Fire and Ice got into:

Turns out the Breaker of Chains is a real goofball, and the King in the North wears Harry Potter glasses. You learn something new every day, kids.

From the looks of it, they had a lot of fun filming this season together. Frankly, it’d be so cool if they started dating, but it would ruin the even cuter fact that Kit Harrington is engaged to Ygritte in real life.