That Death On Last Night’s ‘GoT’ Has The Whole Internet Grieving Together

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 below!

In its 7 season run, Game of Thrones has had no shortage of heartbreaking deaths. It started with Ned Stark, which quickly set the tone for what would become a show where no one is safe, and heroes don’t always get to escape doom.

Robb, Catelyn, Oberyn, that old guy who used to hang out with Daenyres, Jon Snow kinda… Game of Thrones is a punishing ride.

With a whole gang of side-characters marching into the Westeroses most dangerous region to carry out possibly the worst heist plan ever, last night’s episode was almost definitely going to have a heartbreaking death or two. Some thought maybe The Hound, or Jorah. Some even thought it would be Jon Snow… again.

Then this happened.




Yeah. They killed Viserion. And to make matters worse, the White Walkers dragged the poor guy out of the water and brought him back as a zombie ice dragon.

Pretty much no one saw it coming, and the internet had to do what it does best — come together and grieve.