One Tiny Detail In The Next ‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer Has Fans Predicting A Big Moment For Jon

A song of ice riding fire?

To say Game of Thrones is ramping up is a dramatic understatement. With only 9 episodes left ever, the show is quickly approaching its endgame. Dany is in Westeros, Dragons are in battles now, all seven kingdoms are picking sides, and theres palpable sexual tension between Jon and his probable-aunt. Meanwhile, White Walkers are marching their army of the dead closer and closer to the action.

This is it. No more side-quests. No more training. No more long walks in the woods. It’s time for the song of ice and fire to belt-out its last epic notes.

And it might be time for Jon Snow to ride a freakin dragon. At least according to a few eagle-eyed Redditors who noticed a quick flash in this trailer.

Did you catch it? At the :15 second mark in the trailer for season seven episode five, titled “Eastwatch,” we see Dany atop her massive dragon, Drogon — as he gets all up in Jon Snow’s face.


A popular Game of Thrones theory is that Jon Snow will someday ride Dany’s dragon Rhaegal. A couple reasons: Rhaegal is named after Jon Snow’s real father, Rhaegar Targaryen, and it’s been speculated that only those with Targaryen blood can ride dragons at all.

Over on Reddit’s Song Of Ice And Fire page, fans used that one trailer moment and coming up with a whole storyline wherin Rhaegal sniffs out Jon Snow’s regal blood and comes to his defense against Drogon.

Via user onebynull:

From the trailer we see that Jon receives a raven from Winterfell. Bran has seen the Night Kings army marching towards Eastwatch. He got what he came for, so he will leave Davos to oversee the mining of the Dragonglass and head towards his boat. Dany after coming from the battle finds out that Jon is leaving and flies on Drogon to stop him. This is where we get the scene in the trailer in which Drogon screeches at Jon. Now as this showdown is happening what if Rhaegal comes down and lands in between Drogon and Jon. This is one way to establish that Jon is a legit Targ by making a Dragon “obey” or “protect” him.

Sounds like a pretty credible theory.

One thing’s for sure, though. The battle against the White Walkers is going to be a losing one unless Jon can secure at least one of those dragons for himself. Convincing Dany to fight with him would be ideal, but if plan B is Jon riding a dragon past the wall to take them on, I’m super here for it.

Also it’d be nice for the other dragons to have more screen time. That Drogon is such a diva.