Dany Stole Jon Snow’s Line From Two Seasons Ago & We’re Mind Blown

Game of Thrones has a new way to develop and tie their storylines together this season – by reusing old speeches, phrases and events that have happened way, way in the past. For this reason, and many others, it may be wise for you to rewatch GoT in your spare time just to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

We had Robert Baratheon’s speech that came to reality about meeting the Dothraki in an open field. We also had Arya Starks not one, but two flashbacks to previous seasons – one with Nymeria and one with the guards at the Winterfell gate. And, Bran made a comment to Littlefinger about a very strange and eery conversation he once had with Varys – you know, “chaos is a ladder.”

But – on the fourth episode of season seven, one line stuck out to us more than anything else because it seems as though Dany is channeling an older version of Jon Snow from the Night’s Watch.

While venturing into a cave that was made of straight up dragonglass (win), Jon and Dany discovered some drawings from the Children of the Forest, who are said to have lived before the “first men.” But, it turns out, they were around while the first men were around, too. In fact, they helped each other out.

The drawings show that the Children of the Forest and the first men fought side by side against – The White Walkers.

Now Dany has no reason to not believe Jon – PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN (or hieroglyphics).

Their conversation was a big tense but – important.

You may think Dany’s just being petty AF, but this one line “Isn’t their survival more important then your pride?” is very familiar. Because, Jon Snow asked the same question to Mance Rayder in season five when Stannis Baratheon asked him to bend the knee.

But, guess what?

Mance Rayder didn’t bend the knee and Stannis killed him. So, maybe Jon should bend the knee after all. Or, maybe Dany will enjoy this play date she and Jon are having and all the sexual tension and they’ll just do it (ugh).

So, basically, bottom line is – rewatching GoT may be more beneficial than you think.