For The Love of God, Please Don’t Let Jon Snow & Daenerys F*ck

Dear Lord of Light,

If you are listening – somewhere up there – I have one request. It’s not to have Cersei Lannister die an awful, painful death (although I want that). It’s not to have the Red Woman burnt twice as bad as Princess Shireen did (because I want that, too).

It’s to please, please, please…

Do not let Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have sexual relations. At all. Of any kind.

For years now, I have had to suffer the disgusting, stomach-turning and horrible image of Cersei and Jamie Lannister having sex and birthing three, incest children together. And – it has always left a poor taste in my mouth – and everyone in Westeros’ mouth, too.

Now, of all the characters on Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and Daenerys happen to be two of my favorites. Both characters have rose from obstacles and struggling childhoods to reach their ultimate powerful destinies.

Daenerys gives all female viewers a sense of empowerment. She went from a young girl who was captive under her brother’s rule, to being a subservient wife to her Khal husband, to someone who ruled several armies of people and kingdoms. She banished anyone who did her wrong, burned traders and assembled an army of bad-ass b*tches to help her take the throne.

On the other hand, Jon Snow has persevered through darkness and trouble to get where he is now. He was the unwanted bastard of Ned Stark, constantly being shamed by his wife, Cat. He banished himself to The Wall to joint he Night’s Watch, protecting the wall in the freezing, freezing cold. He witnessed death, brutal death and – even died himself. Now, he is the King of the North.

Both Daenerys and Jon Snow also lost the “loves of their lives,” in Game of Thrones, as well. Daenerys lost Khal Drogo early on in the show and, Jon Snow lost his wilding lover Ygritte and – I cried when both characters died.

These two, beautiful humans, deserve to be happy and feel raw, emotional love again –


They are too good to be involved in disgusting, gross, nasty, dirty incest sex. They are too good to be made fools and shamed the way that Cersei and Jamie were. They are just too good to be made out to be absolute animals like this.

It’s inevitable that these two may be attracted to each other – they’re both extremely good looking and have good hearts. And – they have no idea they are related. Of course, we do – thanks Bran, you the REAL MVP. But, Jon Snow has no idea he’s a Targaryen, nor does Daenerys.

But, you, Lord of Light – you know things.

So, if you are listening, and you care about what any of us Throners truly want.

Do not let Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have sexual relations. At all. Of any kind.