Turns Out You Can Be An Adult And Know Nothing About The Female Anatomy (18 Stories)

11. Anonymous

My boyfriend thought girls had to use bigger tampons after they’re no longer virgins. That’s why he thought there were different sizes; one for pre sex, one for post sex, and one for post baby birthing.

12. OminousRectangle

Shaving makes your hair grow back darker. Don’t shave your face or it will grow back worse and look like you have a mustache.


13. Anonymous

In high school I had a friend who thought women laid a literal period egg. Like a chicken. We were 16 and he was not kidding.

14. hytone

Remember the guy on here who didn’t know what happened to water when women took baths or swam because they have vaginas? That one.

15. labelle15

A guy I dated in high school thought girls had four holes. One to pee, the vagina, the baby hole, and the poop hole. He also thought women put home pregnancy tests up their baby hole to find out if they were pregnant.

16. deathwarmdover

At my last job, I had a woman who was over 50 and didn’t wear tampons because she didn’t want to have to change them every time she peed. She didn’t know that pee doesn’t come out of the vagina. This woman worked in the medical field. It blew my mind.

17. bearsinbrum

My Mom used to put a plaster over her belly button when pregnant and having a bath, because she thought the fetus would drowned yeh for Irish sex education circa 1950’s

18. Anonymous

That it is physically impossible for girls to urinate while standing. So I stood and pissed down my legs.

I was 12.