Turns Out You Can Be An Adult And Know Nothing About The Female Anatomy (18 Stories)

6. SocialIQof0

Years ago someone much older than me told me you could get AIDS from toilet seats when you’re on your period because your period is an “open wound”.

7. AtlasWontPutMeDown

I’m so happy you asked. When I was in 8th grade, one of the girls I sat next to asked, “so, do girls get their period once they come to america?”

I spent the rest of the conversation trying to explain to her that women in EVERY country had periods… it’s not just an American thing.

8. HarleySpencer

I don’t know… I think the one about women’s bodies being able to shut down during sexual assault and prevent pregnancy is at the top of the list of absurd misinformation that I’ve ever heard. shudder.

9. KatieAlison

When I was in school I had a bf that always looked at my chin. He stared at it and it started creeping me out, so I asked him what he was doing. He confessed that he didnt believe I was a virgin and was looking for the skin under my chin that you lose when you have sex. To this day I still dont understand what he was talking about.

10. wicksa

Oh, my time to shine! I am an L&D nurse and I hear some weird shit, especially from teen moms.

“My friend told me that if I douched with sprite after having sex, I couldn’t get pregnant.” – 16 year old in labor

“I tried to schedule a c section because my pussy is really tight and I know a baby ain’t gonna fit through there. The doctor wouldn’t let me.” The baby did indeed fit with no assistance (meaning no vaccuum or forceps, a doctor was totally there haha).

5 foot tall 120 lb girl who looks so pregnant it’s like she swallowed a beach ball, hasn’t had her period in 9+ months, is sexually active, shows up to ER with abdominal pains (contractions!): “I didn’t know I was pregnant.”

“I’m not going to breastfeed because I am afraid it will turn me on too much. I like nipple play during sex.”