8 Photo Editing Apps You Should Already Have If You Wanna Feel Like An Instagram Celeb

Instagram influencers might look like they have naturally perfect lives and are always ready to take flawless photos — but the truth is, they owe their on-point aesthetic to at least two of these photo editing apps:

8. GoCam

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Price: Free

This incredibly handy app lets you take selfies without having to hold onto your phone or deal with a timer! Instead, it senses your movements and takes a photo at the exact right moment! Technology is magic!

7. KiraKira

Price: $0.99

This app lets you add sparkles to your photos and videos, in case you wanted an excuse to feel like a real-life unicorn. (Even if you’re just, like, trying on clothes in front of your bedroom mirror.)

6. GIPHY Cam

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Price: Free

Okay, this is just downright fun and delightful. The GIPHY Cam app lets you turn your own photos and videos into actual GIFs — complete with backgrounds and overlays. So, prepare to spend WAY too much free time on this app.

5. YouCam Perfect

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Price: Free

Most people are pushing FaceTune left and right, but I’m here to tell you that YouCam Perfect, despite the fact that it has a less trendy interface, is a superior app. In fact, it’s almost too good. In addition to helping you edit out any skin imperfections, it also allows you to whiten your teeth and shape your face and body (in case you wind up with a great photo that’s at an unfortunate angle). Oh, and did I mention it comes with filters and an extension for adding makeup? This app can definitely be addictive, so I’d suggest using it sparingly — but it will for sure up your Instagram game.

4. A Color Story

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Price: Free (in-app purchases)

A Color Story comes from the creators of the lifestyle blog/brand A Beautiful Mess and allows for some pretty sophisticated photo editing in terms of levels and saturation and lighting. But, the crown jewels are the app’s filters (some of which come in packs available for purchase), which can give your photos that professional-yet-not-trying-too-hard look.

3. Huji

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Price: $0.99

This cool-girl app will give your photos a vintage, disposable camera-type vibe, complete with light leaks. And if you needed any further convincing: it’s endorsed by Selena Gomez!

2. Snapseed

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Price: Free

Snapseed is great because it allows for sophisticated editing with zero in-app purchases (which, if you have no self-control like me, is pretty sweet). It’s also nice because it allows you to save your editing preferences, making it that much easier to turn your basic iPhone photos into professional-looking stills.


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Price: Free (in-app purchases)

VSCO is pretty darn similar to Snapseed, but the main benefit is that it does allow for some cooler filter options. (And also, pretty much every foodie that’s posting photos of their breakfasts is using this app.)