Drunk Guy Messages Girlfriend From Every Single App Possible Just To See If She Was Mad

He is the Internet’s new hero.

Whenever we drink too much, you can guarentee we’ll say too much. In today’s day and age, adding social media into the mix, things can be outright dangerous. Whenever I drink, everyone’s picture on Instagram gets a like. Think of me as Oprah Winfrey giving away free love on all of my social media profiles. You get a like, you get alike – everyone gets a like. And when it comes to text messages – seriously, put me on airplane mode if there’s a beer in my hand.

It seems as though Kieron Cameron gets the struggle – more so than anyone else. BuzzFeed reported on Cameron’s little problem when he decided to leave his girlfriend, Jodie Duncan, at home sick while he partied it up for a friend’s birthday during the day. And, by party it up, I mean get ridiculously hammered before the sun goes down. It seems that Duncan was a little pissed that Cameron had said they would “stay in together,” and instead, got white girl wasted.

Cameron was so worried his girlfriend was mad – he ensured to reach out to her on every social media and app the two are connected on. Every. Single. One


If I’ve ever had a spirit animal, this man would be it. Forget the double text – the every app text is the new movement.

It seems as though Duncan’s silence spoke loudly enough for Cameron, who made sure she wasn’t mad by sending her a little something, too.


And, after all was said and done, it seems as though Duncan wasn’t that mad after all.


These two just became my new heroes.