12 Times “Master of None” Perfectly Summed Up What It’s Like To Be Single

Yes, Aziz, yes.

Being single can suck. But Master of None never sucks. Relationships and friendships are a common theme throughout the series and you can even find hidden messages in each episode. Well I went digging and found moments in which Master of None summed up it’s basically like to be single.

1. You are always binge watching new shows with a group of your friends. 

2. And though you say you love being single, seeing couples makes you want to vomit. 

3. You are excited to get back onto dating apps, but realize that the guys on there are usually only after one thing. 

4. Though you are looking, you might find it difficult to form a connection with a special someone. 

5. You overanalyze every little text you get from someone you’ve been talking to.       

6. And talking to people leads to some unfortunate date nights. 

7. You find yourself Instagram stalking for days. 

8. You become more outspoken because there’s no one to tell you to chill the hell out. 

9. You spend a whole lot of time with your parents. 

10. You start doing really corny gestures because you’re… well… desperate.  

11.But at the end of the day you realize that maybe you’re better off without an S.O.    

12. Because you’re perfectly happy with the life you have now and you have awesome friends to help guide you through it.