Lance Bass Announced ‘NSYNC Is Reuniting Soon For A Monumental Event

After fans found out that Justin Timberlake was performing at the 2018 Super Bowl, they were immediately curious if he would make every ’90 kid’s dreams come true and bring out the other four members of ‘NSYNC to perform on stage with him. While rumors flew around social media about the epic boy band coming back together, fans couldn’t hold in their excitement.

Unfortunately for many fans, Timberlake didn’t bring out any of his ‘NSYNC bandmates during the Super Bowl. Instead, he sang and danced his way through all of his biggest solo hits and paid tribute to the late legend Prince. Many fans were let down and disappointed to see that Timberlake wouldn’t use this moment to bring his fellow band members back into the spotlight and, give us what we really want. And, while we were a bit disappointed, Lance Bass is here to make your day sun-shiny and bright again.