There Are Major Hints Pointing Towards An ‘NSYNC Reunion At The Super Bowl

So everybody knows that Justin Timberlake will be returning to the Super Bowl halftime show. It’s needless to say we are HYPED about this but rumors are going around Minneapolis. Those rumors consist of a full-blown ‘NSYNC reunion, and you won’t hear any complaints from over here! Granted JT himself flat-out told reporters these were nothing but rumors. Now the question becomes do we believe him? People in the downtown Minneapolis area continue to report they’ve spotted all the members except for Justin throughout the week. If this is true, maybe they might be making a little surprise appearance, and I’m pretty sure I’d love it. Before anyone gets too excited there sadly seems to be a fair amount of evidence discrediting the surprise performance.

For starters, we have Lance Bass posting selfies of a beautiful little ski trip on Wednesday. Bass seems to be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This seems to make it quite the stretch to see the five back together. Not completely impossible though! Wyoming on Wednesday there’s no doubt he could be in Minneapolis by Sunday. We got all those cool planes and what not so we can’t completely rule it out.