There Are Major Hints Pointing Towards An ‘NSYNC Reunion At The Super Bowl

Then we also have our boy Joey Fatone who was seen in Orlando late night Wednesday. He was kind enough to sign a few autographs for fans. Sadly about a week ago in L.A. Joey straight up said there was no reunion happening. But here’s where things get a little bit interesting. Joey’s publicist says Joey is officially in Minnesota as of Thursday. All Joey’s publicist had to say about him being at the Super Bowl is he was doing some appearance at a Superbowl event. The halftime show is an event, just saying.

As of now, we have to band members in Minneapolis which is a pretty good portion of the crew. Lance is apparently back in Los Angelas at the moment and the where about of Chris Kirkpatrick and J.C. Chasez are unknown at the moment. Is the ‘NSYNC reunion farfetched? Absolutely but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream a little. Keep your fingers crossed folks! It’s obvious Twitter is praying for it.