Fans Are Not Happy That Justin Timberlake Used A Prince Video During The Super Bowl

Many people were looking forward to the 2018 Super Bowl. For some, the matchup between the Eagles and the Patriots was something to watch. Others were anxiously awaiting the incredible and monumental Super Bowl commercials. And, there were those who were tuning in to watch Justin Timberlake’s epic half-time performance. For many fans, watching JT break it down on stage brings them back to a nostalgic time when he was young, with Ramen-looking hair dancing with *NSYNC. While Timberlake did, in fact, break it down like it was 1999–he also included an important name in the music industry.

Timberlake sang, danced, and sweated his way through his biggest hits from “Sexy Back” to “Suit and Tie,” but, he also paid tribute to the late legend and musician Prince by having him projected and covering the song “I Would Die 4 U.” 

While the entire stadium and city lit up in purple, and people were excited to see Prince honored in his own hometown, many were unhappy with the decision to use a video of Prince after his death, as Prince himself has said several times he never wanted to be honored via hologram or anything like that after his death. People took to Twitter to express their outrage.