This Teen Recreated Her Late Mother’s Senior Picture And They Look Identical

Losing a parent at a young age is never easy. There are so many moments and milestones we wish they could be present for and so many things we wish we could tell them. It’s a pain that not many truly understand.

While we miss them with every inch of our souls and wish we can bring them back, it’s an impossibility we are faced with. We can, however, honor them and pay tribute to them in many different ways. One teen decided to honor her late mother by recreating her senior photo and, the results were amazing.

Kaylee Pirrotta-Rivera from West Palm Beach, Florida lost her mother passed away when Kaylee was just a freshman in high school. Her father, unfortunately, died two years later.  

Kaylee Pirrotta-Rivera 

The teen said she always wanted to recreate her mother’s senior photo, having seen it so many times. She told BuzzFeed:

It’s a photo that she always showed me when I was little. I would look at it when I was little and think, Oh my gosh, she’s so pretty.

After applying similar makeup and styling her hair the same way, she took a side-by-side photo next to her mothers and–they are twins. It’s truly incredible to see.

After sharing the photo on Twitter, followers were all up in their emotions and feels over the beautiful tribute to Kaylee’s late mother.

Kaylee said she had no idea it would go as viral as it did, but she’s happy it did. She believes both her parents are spiritually here with her every day, even though they’re gone. What a beautiful story.