Men Share The Exact Moment Their Relationship They Realized They Were In Love


We met and had hung out a few times. Driving an hour and a half while following her to her moms house I shit myself. Literally. She came in the store with me and went and picked me up a new pair of jeans and a pack of boxers, laughing the whole time. I knew when she didn’t run away at that point that she was the one.


Probably when she embarrassed my dad by telling him her bra size.Seriously, there wasn’t an exact moment, but the realization grew when I recognized that I was just as happy with her in dead silence as I was when we were laughing and goofing around.


I went on a bucket list guys trip. Something we had been talking about doing for literally 20 years. My best friends realizing a dream we had all had for decades.And the whole time I was there I couldn’t stop thinking how much I wish she was there and couldn’t wait to get home to tell her about it.