Men Share The Exact Moment Their Relationship They Realized They Were In Love


After I got a rejection from a job interview that I swore I had in the bag, all I wanted to do was sulk my house alone. She knew me and knew that I need alone time when I’m angry. She ended up ding-dong-ditching me, leaving a card, candy, and beer. Asked her to marry me less than a year later


We were on a date and there was a lull in conversation while I was driving. I started singing “Puttin’ on the Ritz” under my breath and she joined in in the style of the Monster in Young Frankenstein.I almost proposed right there.


She was just hanging out on the sofa painting her nails, I was playing Paper Mario 64 and realized she was my best friend, that I trusted her, and I couldn’t imagine myself with anybody else. Told her then and there. No reason to keep it to myself.