Men Share The Exact Moment Their Relationship They Realized They Were In Love


When I realised that whenever I was thinking of my future, she was always there with me. It wasn’t “my” future anymore but “our” future and I was actually very excited about it.


So, my grandpa died and I was emotional about it. I went to see her just to take my mind off things and we ended up doing karaoke at a bar for some reason. We sang “Undone” together and I mimed doing the guitar solo and I realized that I felt so free around her, just a lack of self-consciousness, and I knew.


It was the point when arguments were not about winners and losers, or about reaching a settlement that kept both parties unhappy to some extent, it was the point where if my SO was unhappy with something then I too would be unhappy with that thing, if we argued about something, it wouldn’t be “let me argue till I win this” it’d be, if I win and she is unhappy, then we both lost. So it was the point when we truly were in sync with a lot of things.