Men Share The Exact Moment Their Relationship They Realized They Were In Love


Very early in our relationship, we were goofing around in the kitchen. I put some ice down her shirt. After the initial jolt and small scream, she grabbed the sink hose and blasted me. It was mischevious, it was fun, it was adorable.My brain completely shut off all filters and I blurted out, “I love you”. No regrets. That was six years ago. We are now happily married.


as lame as it sounds…the moment i saw her…the day i met her…was the first time i really felt alive…don’t get me wrong…we are complete opposites and she drives me crazy…but my life was made complete the day she walked down those stairs


It was actually kind of easy.After living together for 2 years I basically realized that I wasn’t tired of her and was still excited to come home and see her each night.

Wifed it. 2 kids later, a home, cars, and everything else and we still cuddle each night sleep together a few times per week.