Kim Kardashian Completely Roasted Lindsay Lohan On Instagram Like It’s 2007

Kim Kardashian got braids done for a photoshoot. Honestly, it was only a matter of time before people began dragging her for cultural appropriation. Now, I’m always one who does not understand the entire concept of cultural appropriation, because–I don’t understand how a hairstyle or clothing style or any style can solely belong to one cultureWhile I do understand one culture is responsible for bringing said style to popularity, I don’t believe they should take ownership of it entirely and forbid anyone else from any other culture to embrace it. I truly feel they should be proud that people from other cultures want to embrace something they brought to light. No? (Again, don’t @ me).

Braids #kimkardashian

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Basically, people were really mad at Kim because she called them “Bo Derek Braids,” which, was culturally incorrect. Okay, fair to be angry at that, seeing as the braids have existed long before Bo Derek rocked them. In fact, many women refer to these as Fulani braids, or, cornrows. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to style my hair like this (but know I’ll get dragged from here until eternity).

Did Kim mean to offend people? To be honest, I don’t think so. Need I remind everyone that Kim is married to a black man and has three mixed children–I highly doubt she’s going out of her way to offend an entire culture. But, you know how it is with celebs, they do one thing off and boom–fireworks.

One starlet (washed up starlet) decided to chime in on the scandal and commented on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram picture–our girl Lindsay Lohan.