Kim Kardashian Completely Roasted Lindsay Lohan On Instagram Like It’s 2007

Lindsay Lohan saw that Hollywood Gossip Guru Perez Hilton posted a photo of Kim’s braids on his Instagram account and, decided to comment on it. Her comment was simply:

I am confused.

Clearly, Lohan is trying to take a jab at Kim and blow up her spot–making her look stupid. So, Kim clapped-back in the best way she could–making fun of Lindsay for something dumb she’s done recently. Her response?

you know what’s confusing…your sudden foreign accent.

I’m crying, too, Perez. I mean, it is 2007 all over again with this kind of beef. ICYMI, Lindsay Lohan appeared in the spotlight with a random, fake, and trying-too-hard accent and no one understood WTF she was doing.

It sounds like a mix of Irish and Scottish and Lord knows what. Either way, we know home girl does not have that accent naturally so, what gives? Regardless of what you believe, people on Twitter were living for this drama, as am I (hate to admit it).