This Dog Walker Got Fired And Proceeded To Go On A Crazy Text Rant To The Owner

It’s hard to blame someone for getting attached to a dog. I mean, I feel like I’m connected to the dogs I see every day on my walk home. Now, imagine being a dog walker which sounds like one of the best professions there could be. You’re getting paid to come walk and play with a dog every day or whatever. Obviously, you’re going to bond with the pup unless you’re an evil human. Perhaps you’re just in it for the money but what I can blame someone for is being a lunatic. Sometimes we don’t get our way, that’s life. Sometimes you get broken up with, or your goldfish dies I understand it some things just hurt. Most people usually get sad and then move on with their lives but other people have complete meltdowns; I’ll let you guess which kind of person this is.

I’d be a bit worried about what kind of relationship this person had with my dog as well because that’s classic desperation heartbroken texting right there. We’ve seen it a hundred times when the person who is probably getting broken up with has nothing left to bargain with they throw out the classic “I’ll do practically anything.” That’s when you know this person is completely desperate but “Just one more walk” I mean what exactly was going on during these walks?  This person obviously can not live without just one more? If you remove the word “walk” and just change it to the word “time,” this is 100% every single ex-boyfriend who has ever been broken up with in the history of breakups. It’s almost scary furthermore Twitter obviously had a range of reactions to Julie’s strange text message.

Hide yo’ dog.

Let’s hope Julie is perfectly healthy mentally and physically. Let’s also hope that she never got to see that dog again because I’m almost certain she was planning a good old fashioned dog-napping.