26 Doggo Tweets That Only True Dog Lovers Will Appreciate

Is there anybody on this planet who doesn’t like dogs? Not counting the big scary dogs—it’s perfectly reasonable to be skeptical of those—but there are really only two opinions when it comes to those furry little goofballs who live in our houses that we let up on the couch even though we’re not supposed to. You either love dogs or you really love dogs. (Remember that movie Must Love Dogs, about a woman looking for a partner? That movie should have been called Anyone Will Do, Because Everybody Loves Dogs.)

Perhaps nobody loves dogs, and recognizes the inherent explosive joy and humor in them, quite like these people below, who came up with some of the realest and funniest observations ever about getting to live in a world that has dogs in it.

1. Eyes off the prize.

2. Secret dogs are the best dogs.

3. Why would you ever go out?