Just 50 Of The Most Adorable Dogs Instagram Has To Offer Us In 2018

If you’re having a tough day or just need to kill some time with an overload of cuteness you’ve come to the right place. If dogs don’t make you happy someone down the line has probably wronged you in a horrible way and for that I am sorry. For all the regular people who get nothing but pure joy from adorable doggos we put together this list. Instagram is a great tool for a ton of different things like reminiscing or creeping on your ex. It’s also an amazing way to check out complete strangers adorable pups, I mean what’s better than that? Millions of pictures and videos of pups at the tip of your fingers, technology is a crazy thing. Kick back, relax and enjoy 50 of the cutest dogs the gram has got to offer in 2018.





Written by Baillie Parry

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