This Teeny-Tiny Puppy Will Absolutely Make Your Day

Obviously, dogs and puppies are the best part of life. There’s nothing like having a little fluff ball to come home to and hump your leg showing how much they love and appreciate you.

While all dogs are perfect and beautiful, some little pups are just cuter than others like teeny-tiny little pups that you just can’t help but say “awwwww” over.

Like, Tim, who is the cutest little guy we’ve ever seen. Seriously we need him in our life.

Look at this little guy, how can you not melt into a huge pull of mushy?

According to Tim’s owner, he may be small, but he is mighty. Tim thinks he’s a “big boy on campus,” and has a lot of energy, even if he’s a little guy.

And, he loves playing and hanging out with bigger dogs, too fearless.

We’re swooning.