Vegans Are Lashing Out At Chris Pratt For Posting A Photo Of Lamb Meat

This is so disturbing and heartbreaking. There is no way to respectfully kill any being who does not want to die. There is no excuse to needlessly harm an animal, we do not need meat to live, as there are so many wonderful alternatives. It is so incredibly selfish and entitled to assume that your life matters more than another beings’. This gruesome image and the story are so disheartening. I hope that eventually you will choose to live more kindly on this earth. Until then, I will be protesting all of your work in the entertainment industry. Unfollowed.

Seem like reasonable people.

“Unfollowing, this is horrible”

“Loved every day” and then killed for food? That makes a lot of sense… absolutely disgusting.”

“This is fucking sad and disgusting. It’s like unplugging a t.v I wish I could unplug you I’m sure all the other sheeple wouldn’t notice. Fucking nasty”

I understand you may be so entirely against Chris Pratt’s actions. It may sicken you to the core, but I don’t know why it’s so hard to respect the way someone chooses to live. Everything dies, the animal lived a healthy happy life, and none of it went to waste. I’m no farmer and I’m no vegan, but I can understand that. Even if I couldn’t, I’d respect that’s the way he chooses to live.

I don’t see how you can force your opinion on people like that. You’re just assuming you’re better life choices are better due to some moral facade. To each their own guys, to each their own. Either way, I won’t be boycotting your work Chris Pratt! Not when we’re on the verge of the Guardians of The Galaxy finally linking up with The Avengers! Also, that lamb looked incredible! We hope your family and friends enjoyed it.