“This Could Be A Real Nightmare”—Chris Pratt Accidentally Deletes 51,000 Of His Emails

Is your inbox a mess? Or do you need to compulsively empty or organize the contents? If you’re anything like Chris Pratt, it’s probably the former. The actor went on Instagram to show his fans that he had about 35,000 unread emails—and then things went awry.

“Hi, guys. Okay, so, um yesterday my son was playing with my phone and he gasped in shock looking at the number of unread emails that I have. It’s a lot. It’s a lot,” the Guardians of the Galaxy star said.

“See, what I do is I sign up for everything. I sign up for everything. I’m one of those idiots who will do, like, an IQ test and be like, ‘Wanna take an IQ test? Give me your email.’ And then I do and then, you know, which proves my IQ is about 7 and I just get junk from everyone and I just don’t erase it.”

Pratt explained that he had set a goal for himself to open 1,000 emails a day. And then, he accidentally deleted 51,000 messages.

The following stories showed his inbox count steadily decreasing.

“All my email. Oh, my God. This could be a real nightmare,” you can hear him saying.