Ryan Reynolds Settles A Very Important Question: Which Hollywood Chris Is The Hottest Chris?

It is a question that has plagued us for centuries, millennia! Or, like, a few years which is basically the equivalent of the aforementioned when it comes to Hollywood: Who, exactly, is the hottest Chis of all? It’s a difficult dilemma for sure. So difficult that only one man is worthy of the task: Hot guy Ryan Reynolds.

The actor’s first tweet of 2018 included a question of his own— a question that had nothing to do with Chrises but instead had everything to do with the Kardashians. Mainly, which of them are actually pregnant? (Only Khloe confirmed as of right now.)

A knowledgeable fan offered to answer Reynolds and his priests’ important question, but only if he answers a very important one himself; Namely, which Hollywood Chris is the hottest Chris? Is it Chris Hemsworth, who may not even be the hottest Hemsworth among the Hemsworth brothers? (He is.) Is it Chris Evans, who is Captain America himself? Or is it Chris Pratt, whose glow-up ranks on par with Matthew Lewis’? (It’s Chris Pratt.)

It took (what I assume to be a thought-provoking) nine minutes for Reynolds to respond, and he did so in a very democratic way: