This Girl Edited Ryan Reynolds Into Her Prom Pics & He Loved It

If only we could edit him into our actual lives.

Pretty much everyone has their prom photos stored away in a box or in some folder on their computer. They hold the memories of an incredible night spent all dressed up with friends or significant others. However, sometimes the experience can go a bit awry.

Just a few days after the event, Canadian teen Gabi Dunns’ (@gabidunn99) boyfriend broke up with her. Dunn then made the awesome decision to not let her photos go to waste by taking her classic, prom-ready posed pics and editing Ryan Reynolds into them. She then posted the photos of her and her ~date~ on Twitter and mentioned the fellow Canadian.

Dunn and her now ex-boyfriend had been dating for about four months before breaking up. Despite the breakup, she understandably still wanted to share photos of the night. And as if showing off her stunning prom look and fun attitude towards the ordeal wasn’t great enough, Reynolds even replied to her tweet with a plan for their next photo edit.

People then began sharing their own prom photos with some other familiar faces.

BRB gotta go photoshop Harry Styles into my old prom pictures.