Boyfriends’ Response to Girlfriend Getting Fat Shamed At Prom Is Everything

Let me start off by saying:

Some people on the Internet can be real assholes.

Tre Booker and Madison are a high school couple that have nothing but love for each other. Just like any other high school couple, they posted pictures on their social media profiles from the night they attended prom together. And, the pictures were adorable.

While both Tre and Madison looked happy and excited for their special night, there are of course people online who had to rain on their parade. Some people decided to write back to Madison on Twitter about her weight – saying pretty rude and inappropriate things.

While Madison felt pretty sh*tty about what people were saying – especially complete strangers – Tre came back and stood up for his girlfriend in the most adorable and romantic way possible.

Ever since then, the couple has gone viral on Twitter with people writing in how much they adored Madison’s dress and how much their love is inspiring to everyone. It just goes to show everyone in the world that sometimes, responding to negativity with positivity can change a situation for the better – not everyone has to fight hate with hate.