Transgender Student To Receive $800,000 From School For Not Allowing Him To Use The Boy’s Bathroom

The district ended up deciding to settle after realizing things were starting to look a bit insurmountable and very expensive. After a record of discrimination against Ash Whitaker, it seems like the apparent decision. An attorney for the school district Ronald Stadler said:

“The settlement was driven by the school’s “insurance company’s concern over the legal developments. The mounting costs of defending the claim and ultimately a risk of having to contribute toward Whitaker’s significant attorneys’ fees,”

As for Ash, he’s just excited he can put this entire thing behind him and how could you blame him? High School is hard enough without having your school district wage war against you. Although we’re just happy to see Ash can finally move on from this nightmare.

“I am deeply relieved that this long, traumatic part of my life is finally over and I can focus on my future and simply being a college student,”

College life.

Ash is now focusing on his college career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since news of Ash Whitaker began to spread he’s gained admiration in the transgender community. However, this isn’t a surprise it seems his court ruling has been a hopeful one for transgender people everywhere. This case will hopefully leave a lasting impression on similar cases across the country. The money is dope no doubt, but the and the ruling is an essential step in the right direction.

“My message to other trans kids is to respect themselves and accept themselves and love themselves. If someone’s telling you that you don’t deserve that, prove them wrong.”