People Share Where The Popular Kids In Their High School Ended Up As Adults

So what did really happen to all the popular kids that you went to high school with? Are you really human if you never wonder this? Probably not, because we all are guilty of questioning what happened to the beauty queen and the obnoxious jock. Thankfully, Quora user took to answer our curiosity.

Okay, so the queen bee landed an average gig. I could tell you how to dress too.

Belen – our leader, the “Queen Bee”, cheer squad captain, 1 time Miss Sportsfest batch representative (won also), the “girl every guy had a crush on”, batch “siren” (good singers), senior prom queen, batch honorable mentions – currently a fashion designer”

What goes around comes back around…duh!

“Before I finished high school, I bumped into a girl that had graduated a couple years earlier. When I first entered high school, she was an upperclassman and she would either ignore or taunt you. I was at K-Mart and she was bagging all the goods I bought. She looked miserable and tired. Yes, she had let herself go. No more cool hairstyles or trendy clothes. She had been very lively, but there she was just a shell of her former self. Another girl (who is very sweet) married her high school sweetheart and they moved to an even smaller town than the one we lived in.”

Law degrees and ivy-leagues for the popular kids:

“The most popular kid in my class went on to obtain a law degree from an ivy-league school in the US, worked on Wall Street for a few years before returning home and is now handling the legal side of financial mergers worth hundreds of millions of dollars. One of the quieter kids in my class is very close to becoming a billionaire and was appointed a minister (the youngest in the cabinet). The “jock” is a fireman, and seems quite content with his life.”

They’re probably actually really smart now:

“Studying at Stanford or Berkeley or some other elite institution.”

This is why you don’t want to peak until after high school:

“Steve-peaked in high school. Pretends to be a big deal in real estate but he’s lucky to sell one house a year. Lives in a house his parents scraped by to get when he got his girlfriend pregnant.”