People Share Where The Popular Kids In Their High School Ended Up As Adults

Reason #2 why you don’t peak in high school:

“I graduated 1970. But still. I learned something from the 15-year reunion in 1985. All the guys and girls who had been coolest still wore exactly the same kinda clothes and wore their hair in exactly the same 1970 style. All the others had moved on. It’s true as someone else said: you peak in highschool and there’s nowhere to go but down.”

It’s going to hit you really hard one day kids:

“I was not one of those kids. Seems like being popular at school does not necessarily correlate with having an extremely outstanding (at least from the eye of an observer) life. Most have mediocre lives, like you said. Life hits you hard. Just because you were awesome in one area, especially sports or being good-looking when you were teenagers among a small group of people, does not help you at all in the real life, where grit and hard work is more important.”

Rich equals popularity…even so many years later.

“One is a Med student, I spoke to her a few weeks ago and she’s finding it difficult and says ‘everyone is excellent, it’s not like in high school where they’re easy to beat’. Another is living off his parents and busting lots of money, and still popular because he’s rich.”

This is why everyone should just try to be normal:

“The “normal” kids ended up eventually doing all of those things that the “popular” kids did in HS…except while getting great degrees in the company of bright people at top 20 Universities or while making 6-figure salaries in big cities afterward.”

Some things never change and the glory days just continue:

“There still there… lol. I’m still in high school. But from social media posts apparently most of them have become sluts. Scuse the language.”