This Weed Company Just Invented The Smart Bong And It’s Changing The Game For Good

This bong is the high idea every stoner wish they thought of, it’s so simple yet so genius! It’s certainly changing the bong game for good. Imagine a dab rig where you didn’t have to worry about plugs and torches–and is easily passed around. The cannabis company Puffco has created the first convenient “smart rig”–The Puffco Peak–and it will bring your smoke game into 3018 real quick. It’s conveniently sized, battery powered and has a water filtration system built in. You’ll never have to worry about refueling a torch again.

You know how many times I’ve rushed home in between classes or before practice to let the dog out and take a quick hit or two only to find that my torch is dead or even worse broken? Far too many times my friends. Thanks to Puffco this is an issue our children will never have to deal with. My roommate and I almost burned my apartment down using a piece of uncooked spaghetti trying to spark our torch, I’m not proud of it. It was college times were tough, and to answer your question it was during a blizzard and I wasn’t walking to the store to hunt down butane. So, Puffco is saving you all that hassle, potentially burning down your apartment and money.

The Peak makes dabbing an easier experience all around. No more butane torches and chemistry sets or any plugs to worry about. I know plenty of my friends who have no business wielding any form of a torch in their hand that simply have no other way to get their dab on. That is until now. The new smart rig also opens up the door for a whole new generation of dabbers who were intimidated by the setups or torches or whatever. Some people just prefer convenience, others stick to what they know like a bong. The Peak gives the user that familiar feel just revamped for today’s smoker.

For those who don’t know dabs are a concentrated form of THC and it comes in a wax form. The user then uses a rig to which is either heated with a butane torch or plugged in. They use this to heat up a steel, glass, or ceramic nail to melt the wax on. It’s cleaner than burning the flower and gets you super high which we call a win-win. That makes it no surprise that it’s a lot of people preferred way of getting stoned these days. Dab rigs have become insanely popular since Colorado has legalized the recreational use of marijuana and the popularity continues to spread. It’s just a more efficient way of smoking. Thanks to Puffco’s new Peak there’s an easy crossover and no reason to be intimidated.

The technology.

The Peak comes with Intelligent Temperature Calibration which is an awesome technology that guarantees a consistent use that’s easily shared.

“it allows the device to maintain a consistent experience when sharing with friends. If the device was just used, it pivots its heat setting to account for the change in temperature, and delivers an adjusted heat cycle for the next person, guaranteeing quality flavor and vapor each time.”

The smart rig only takes 20 seconds to heat up and is completely wireless. So finally you can dab with your buddies with no issues and easier than ever. The rig comes with 4 different heat settings as well as a “boost mode”. Boost mode ensures you don’t waste any of your wax and helps keep everything less messy. The battery life on The Peak lasts in the ballpark of 30 hits. That is more than enough hits for you and your buddies to be absolutely baked. The rig takes two hours to fully charge and the Puffco Peak will be available for preorder on January 15th to help revamp your smoke game in the new year.