This Company Is Selling A $400 Cannabis Wreath So The Holidays Just Got Extra Lit

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a festive wreath that smells like fresh pine and cannabis, amiright? Thanks to Henry’s Original, an online retailer in California that produces cannabis-based products, holidays 2017 — or should I say holiblaze— just got a little more #lit. Cannabis Wreaths, as they’re called, are handcrafted with holiday foliage, dried herbs, and finished off with one ounce of sun-grown artisanal weed. Each wreath is 24-inches and the cannabis can be removed for consumption. Talk about a win/win decoration.

Just look how elegant! TBH, I’m surprised that dynamic duo Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog didn’t think of this first.

A one-of-a-kind wreath like this doesn’t come cheap, though. Henry’s Original prices this hanging hemp decor at $400. And sadly, this wreath is only sold in Los Angeles, which recently legalized recreational and medical marijuana. This supports the evidence more that LA is becoming one of the largest cities for recreational marijuana use.

Twitter, of course, had some opinions on this, because, typically when you think of the holidays you think of Santa, or Rudolph, or presents, or menorahs, but usually not cannabis-infused wreathes. Opinions were mixed —some were high on the idea, others not so much.


What’re your two cents on it? Would you buy this wreath or know someone that absolutely needs/wants to smoke this? Let us know in the comments below.