These Smoking-Hot Instagram Santas Can Slip Down My Chimney Any Day

When you think of a “Sexy Santa” I’m sure something like this comes to mind:

That’s because women are the first to be sexualized, even if said sexualization is based off a male character. But what about the rest of us, and by the rest of us I mean cisgendered females and homosexual males who also need their, uh, bells jingled. All of this is just a bad transition into the meat of what I’m really trying to say here: Check out these sexy pictures of hot dudes dressed as Santa.

17. You’ll want to merry these Christmas hunks, is all I’m saying:

#holidayselfie #sexysanta #malemodel #modeling

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16. I know it’s not Christmas yet, but do you think his lap is ready for me?

#feelingfestive who wants me to empty my sack for them …. have you been a good or a bad girl this year ? ??? #cringe #lol #sexysanta #christmas

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15. How about you slip down my chimney, at half past midnight?

14. I hope this Santa comes through my town:

13. This Santa can show me his North Pole any day:

12. Guys like you are the reason Santa has a naughty list:

11. Santa’s lap isn’t the only place wishes come true???

I was just really feeling in the holiday spirit today.. Lol video coming soon ?

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10. *Scrambles to find the mistletoe*

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