Guests Share The Worst Things They’ve Seen Happen At A Wedding And It’ll Make You Never Want To Get Married

Do what makes you happy young fella.

I ruined my cousins wedding videos and I’ll never live it down.

When I was 13 my cousin got married and my brother was in charge of photography and video for the day. At some point in the day my brother gave me the camcorder and told me to shoot and take video. Longer story shorter I was unknowingly recording when myself and another cousin were talking about girls at the wedding and as one girl walked by I said “I would fuck that girl in the fucking ass!”

1 week later…

THE WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY decided to watch the video of the wedding and I have never felt so fucking embarrassed in my life.


No I never actually fucked that girl in the fucking ass. But my family occasionally likes to ask, “Hey you gonna fuck that girl in the fucking ass?”, whenever I bring a new girl around. Usually while she’s standing right next to me. I’m 25 now and it’s been a funny 12 years at my expense. Fuckers.

10 p.m.?!? How dare they?

Was at a wedding this summer. The groom’s family absolutely tore their son/brother apart during the speeches. They didn’t say one loving thing, and went on to talk about all the mistakes he made during this life. The worst thing they brought up was how he was responsible for a car accident that put someone in a coma. I was cringing.

Edit: Oh and one more travesty: dinner wasn’t served until 10 p.m.

Must have been an awkward car ride.

One of my best friends weddings…..The groom got so drunk that he straight disappeared from the reception. Shit got real awkward when it was time for the wedding to be OVER. The venue was kicking us out and the bride and groom were supposed to take off in their vintage car and drive off to their honeymoon suite. The music went off, lights went on, and it turned into the guests searching for the damn groom. My husband finally found him in the parking lot basically face down on his lips. He helped him back into the wedding which was basically the most awkward walk of shame past the bride’s glaring dad and grandfather. The groom was too drunk to drive brides grandfather drove them to the hotel suite (which was a 30 minute drive). My friend (the bride) later told me that when they got in the room, her new husband, passed out cold on the bed and she had to wander the halls in her wedding dress looking for someone to unhook her dress for her so she could get out of it.