12 Grooms Prove Men Actually Do Fantasize About Their Weddings

If you are a girl then I’m pretty sure most or even more than half of you have already accurately planned your dream wedding to a T by the age of 8. And when I mean accurately, I mean like you have your venue chosen, color scheme, and even your first dance song picked out for the big day. For guys, it’s a tad bit different. See, men do not spend their childhood days making veils with toilet paper and pretending to walk down a make-believe aisle thinking that they’re seconds away from getting married and the end, happily ever after. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am sure there are a bunch of future grooms out there who do in fact enjoy having a voice when it comes to planning their wedding. But like stated before, the majority have spent their childhood outdoors playing ball or indoors with their Xbox. It’s just the reality of things.

This doesn’t mean that you can completely annihilate them out of the preparations. Because although yes, they did not fantasize their dream wedding like we did, they do want to be involved. And, it just so happens that a lot of guys have put some thought into their weddings, proposals and even their Honeymoons – that is, according to this Reddit thread.

1. Seeing their bride walk down the aisle, according to J34N5.

I’ve only fantasized about it since I’ve met someone who I want to marry, but in my mind it’s more like just picturing her and standing at the alter and feeling the emotions rather than where I want it or what flowers etc.

2. DanInChi says the actual party.

Fantasized from the perspective that it was going to be an amazing party because –

-all the people I love are under 1 roof



-music + dancing with my pretty gal.

As for the ceremony itself, meh who cares. It turns out we whispered dirty nothings to each other all throughout in front of the pastor from my youth.

Fun times.

3. But, KronktheKronk really cares about all the booze.

I didn’t fantasize about my wedding, I only demanded that it have an open bar. The rest I left up to her unless she wanted my input.

It was amazing. Definitely one of the highlights of our relationship so far.

4. FrankieSucks is worried about the cost.

 It will be a waste of money.

5. One anonymous user says the food is all it’s about.

No but if there isn’t a chili & cheese nacho fountain I’m gonna be PISSED.

6. murdarkk will have one happy wife.

 Nope, I didn’t care what the wedding was like. Just wanted wifey to be happy.